Credits & Demos

For more than 20 years we have  been doing sound recording and editing. We do it all- cast, record, direct, compose, mix, master & manufacture.

(Listen to demos of our work at the bottom of this page...)

Scholastic, Inc.
Over 600 Childrens Cassettes based on Children's Picture Books 1990-2007
10 Disney Read-along books; Nemo, Lion King, Cinderella, etc…
Literacy Place Educational Series
Fluency Readers Series
Scholastic Red Internet Programs
Scholastic Spelling
Read 180 Audiobooks
Read About Online Series
Zip Zoom Online Series
Time Flies- Direct Mail Series

Random House Children’s Audio Group
Samantha the Great
Babe Ruth
Thomas the Tank Engine Series

Penguin/Putnam Audio
Mortal Fear read by Jay O. Sanders
Cal Ripkin- The Only Way I Know
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Kipling read by the Author
Bogart- In Search of My Father read by the Author
Love & Anger-The Parental Dilema read by the Author
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart read by the Author
The Burglar in The Closet read by the Author
Rebound- The Odyssey of Michael Jordan read by Bob Greene

Just Joking
Listening Library 1-3
Longman Social Studies
Longman Science
TOEFL Teacher’s Manual

Random House Audio Group

Leaving Fishers
First Son
Sang Spell read by Ron Rifkin
Soldier's Heart read by George Wendt

Bantam Audio
Anne of Green Gables read by Megan Follows
Anne of Avonlea read by Megan Follows
Anne of the Island read by Megan Follows
Get Your Baby To Sleep read by the author Vicki Lanski
A Treasury Of Christmas Stories & Poems read by Jane Alexander
A Celebration of Hanukah read by Hal Linden
A Cast of Killers read by Richard Widmark
Chernobyl read by E.G. Marshall
Where the Red Fern Grows read by Richard Thomas
Never Cry Wolf read by the author Farley Mowat
The Bloodied Ivy read by Michael Murphy
The Baby Leopard read by Linda Goss
The Three Riddles read by Nina Jaffe
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase read by Lynn Redgrave
Creature by John Saul read by Robert Englund
Dick Tracy read by James Keane
Fish Whistle read by the author Daniel Pinkwater
The Last Coincidence read by Michael Murphy
Jane of Lantern Hill read by Mairon Bennett
Liar's Poker read by the author Michael Lewis
The Cuckoo's Egg read by the author Clifford Stoll
Joshua read by John Gabriel
Fade To Black
Joshua & The Children
Canyons read by Peter Coyote
Blue Lightning
Second Child read by Lee Meriwether
Darkness read by Robert Englund
The Haymeadow
Hatchet read by Peter Coyote
The Shepard
The River
The Silver Spire
Joshua & The Holy Land
The Butterfly Jar read by Mandy Patinkin & Jane Curtin
Victory Secrets of Atilla the Hun
Jesus & The Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church
The Face on The Milk Carton read by Jodi Benson
Baby read by Blythe Danner
Natural Causes read by Jay O. Sanders
Yo Hungry Wolf
Joshua & The City
Beyond the Darkness
A Cricket in Times Square read by Rene Aubuergenois
The River Sorrow
The Secret Oceans
Words of Comfort & Praise-From "The Book of Psalms"
Never Alone
Brian's Winter
The Haymeadow
Reviving Ophelia
The Alchemist
Night Shift
Working on A Miracle
Dicey's Song
Yolanda's Genius
Golden Rules
Dangerous Skies
Siblings Without Rivalry
The Shelter of Each Other
Slave Dancer
Saving Shiloh
Belle Pratter's Boy
How to Eat Fried Worms read by Jay o. Sanders
Call It Courage read by Lou Diamond Phillips
The Incredible Journey
Success is a Choice read by Rick Pitino
Dicey's Song
Dangerous Skies
Brian's Winter
Lily's Crossing
Ella Enchanted
The Door in The Wall

Runaway Jonah & Other Biblical Adventures by Jan Wahl
The Temptation of Wilfred Malachey by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Spectacles by Ann Beattie
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz
Sandy's World (Four Songs)
She by H. Rider Haggard, read by Kathleen Turner
The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett
My Cousin Rachel read by Mel Gibson
The Moon and Sixpence read by Frank Langella
The 39 Steps read by Sam Waterston
Love Story read by Erich Segal

3 "Firffels" Recordings
Penguin/Highbridge Audio
O Little Town of Maggidy
The Courage to Raise Good Men

Harper Audio
Witness To Hope

Prentice Hall
33 Secrets of StreetSmart Teleselling by Shook & Slutsky
Secrets of Closing Sales by Charles Roth & Roy Alexander
The Executive Voice Trainer by Jeffrey Jacobi
Better Business Writing by Carole Gelderman

Random House Audio Publishing

Thriving on Chaos by Tom Peters
2061: Odyssey Three read by Frank Langella
Don't Bend Over in the Garden Granny, You Know Them 'taters Got Eyes read by Peter Waldren
When My Love Returns From the Ladies Room Will I Be Too Old to Care? read by Peter Waldren
Chili Dawgs Always Bark At Night by Lewis Grizzard

Random House Books & Cassettes for Young Listeners

6 "Sing With Me" Recordings
4 "Color & Keep" Recordings
The Christmas Story
Black Beauty read by Ben Kingsley
Peter Pan read by Lynn Redgrave
Pinocchio read by Mark Hamill
The Titanic
Dinosaur Days
Cinderella read by Jessica Lange
Frederick & His Friends by Leo Leoni
The Chalk Box Kid
A Celebration of Hanukah
Ghosts & Goosebumps

Simon & Schuster
Good Friday read by Peter Waldren
Silver Tower read by David Purdham
Flight of The Old Dog read by Peter Waldren
One Up On Wall Street read by Peter Lynch
Sony Home Video
Sony Activity Video

John Wiley & Sons
Keeping Your Money by Plotnick/Leimberg

Glyn Net
Stamps- The Windows of the World (CD-I Soundtrack)

Grossett & Dunlop
"We're Back" Programs (Based on Steven Spielberg Animated Film)
"Muppets Pirate Movie Programs"

North-South Books
Three- "Little Polar Bear" Programs read by Treat Williams
Three- "Rainbow Fish" Programs read by Blair Brown

McGraw- Hill
Reading Technology

Barnes & Noble
Snow Angels

Dover Publications
Aesop's Fables
Mother Goose Rhymes
The New Testament
The Old Testament
Modern Story Book
Bedtime Stories

Scholastic Education Technology

Expert 21 Video Sweetening, Mixing & Mastering
Flex Videos- Narration Recording and Mixing

Gildan Media
The Little Book That Builds Wealth
Trump- Never Give Up
Life After Loss
The Yes Factor
Making Ideas Happen
Fully Present
Ethical Wisdom
Pebbles of Wisdom
Exercising Your Soul
Holy Ghosts
The Power of Body Language
The Art of Business

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